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Successful Case: Ryan Ferguson



On December 5, 2005, Ryan Ferguson was found guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree robbery of Kent Heitholt, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Ryan was convicted based on the accepted testimony of two people, Chuck Erickson and Jerry Trump. Both Erickson and Trump have since given sworn affidavits stating that they were lying.

There was not one piece of evidence found at the crime scene that supports Ryan’s conviction. His conviction was secured solely on witness testimony that has now been shown to be unreliable.

The Free Ryan Ferguson Committee did an excellent job of presenting the facts of this case on their website www.freeryanferguson.com. The site includes a detailed case narrative and timeline that walk you through the entire case. The site contains important court documents, including affidavits from Chuck Erickson and Jerry Trump stating that they lied under oath. You will also be able to view photographs and download PDF files, including Ryan’s petition for writ of habeas corpus, leaving no doubt that Ryan Ferguson is 100% innocent.

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Bill and Ryan Ferguson

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