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Wrongful Conviction Additional Resources

Innocence Project

Northwestern University: Center on Wrongful Convictions

Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted Facebook Page

The Alaska Innocence Project

The Arizona Justice Project

Centurion Ministries

Chicago Innocence Project

Duke Wrongful Convictions Clinic

Innocence Project of Florida

Georgia Innocence Project

The Hawai’i Innocence Project

Idaho Innocence Project

The Innocence Network

Innocence Project of Iowa

Justice Denied

Justice NOT Politics

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

The Midwest Innocence Project

The Mississippi Innocence Project

Montana Innocence Project

New England Innocence Project

The Innocence Network

Innocence Project New Orleans

Northern Arizona Justice Project

Northern California Innocence Project

The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence

The Oklahoma Innocence Project

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

Truth in Justice

Witness to Innocence


Steve Moore is an advocate for innocent persons wrongly convicted of serious crimes abroad.

Friends of Eric Volz

Articles and resources related to false confessions

Death Penalty Information Center: DPIC is an excellent resource for information regarding the death penalty.

Exoneration Data

The Innocents Database – A list of over 3400 people in 100 countries


National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Boston Bar Association: Improving the Accuracy and Reliability of the Criminal Justice System in Massachusetts (PDF)

Sentencing Reform

The Sentencing Project

Developments in Policy and Practice (PDF)


Miscarriages of Justice Cases YouTube Page