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Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Errors are bound to occur with anything human beings partake in. Our justice system is certainly not impervious to human error. Unfortunately, this means that innocent people sometimes fall victim to wrongful accusations. It is not that police want to lock up innocent people—that is far from the truth. But authorities in any society are only human, and mistakes are a fact of life.

Mistakes can be learned from and ultimately forgiven when they are admitted to and the errors are corrected. Unfortunately, there is a much darker side to wrongful convictions. A vast majority of those who dedicate their lives to law enforcement are good honest people, but there is no doubt that bad seeds do exist. You will find people like this in every facet of life. It is simply unavoidable. The sad reality is that some wrongful convictions occur due to the actions of corrupt individuals.

Injustice Anywhere is working to highlight the problems that occur so that we can learn from past mistakes. Reforms must be put in motion that will minimize human error and weed out corruption.

Fixing the System: Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct


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