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Murder in Hawaii: Why Wrongful Convictions Happen

Murder in Hawaii: Why Wrongful Convictions Happen

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Dana Ireland

On Christmas Eve, 1991, 23-year-old Dana Ireland was run over while riding her bicycle on the Big Island of Hawaii. The killer took her to a remote location where she was dumped in the bushes, sexually assaulted, and left to die. At 12:25 a. m. Christmas morning, Dana Ireland died of her injuries in the Hilo hospital.

Eight years later, even though they did not match the male DNA left at the crime scene, three local men were convicted of the brutal crime. The men were Frank Pauline and two brothers, Albert Ian Schweitzer and Shawn Schweitzer.

In our documentary, MURDER IN HAWAII, we describe the facts of the crime. We examine key evidence, including the testimony of four eyewitnesses who were never called to give evidence at either trial. We explain how the killer – the only man who left his DNA on Dana Ireland and on a bloody T-shirt found at the crime scene – could be captured today, 30 years later.

We also look at other wrongful convictions to illustrate how innocent people get convicted. If we can identify why wrongful convictions happen, then we can prevent them in the future.

Judges for Justice was founded on the premise that most people are of goodwill. They reject injustice when they are shown the truth. Justice is the perfect blending of truth and good will.

Watch the entire documentary on the Judges for Justice website.


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