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Advocates For Jamie Snow Sue City For Records



Advocates for convicted murderer sue city for records

BLOOMINGTON — Two supporters of Jamie Snow’s efforts to exonerate himself on murder charges have filed a lawsuit against the city for withholding records they claim are needed to prove his innocence.

Snow was convicted in 2001 of the Easter 1991 killing of 18-year-old Billy Little during an apparent armed robbery of a now-closed Bloomington service station where Little worked.

Tammy Alexander and Raymond Wilson have filed more than 30 Freedom of Information Act requests since 2011 for evidence in Snow’s case. Alexander, of Tennessee, became interested in the case in 2009 after reading media coverage and an interview with Snow. Wilson, of New Jersey, is married to Snow’s longtime friend, Pam Wilson. The two started working together on Snow’s case about five years ago. Read more >>