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Harsh Justice in America


Harsh Justice is an organization working to stop the suffering of nonviolent inmates who have been inhumanely over-sentenced. The inmates highlighted on their website are not victims of wrongful convictions but rather victims of a system in dire need of reform. Injustice Anywhere fully supports their efforts and we encourage all of our readers to visit their website to learn more about the important work they are doing.

Many of the inmates highlighted by Harsh Justice are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. Most crimes deal with drug addiction and poverty. No inmates supported by Harsh Justice have ever committed a violent crime.

Harsh Justice provides profiles for each inmate they support and they provide instructions for those who would like to help. With the guidance of Harsh Justice, you can help an inmate today by:

  • Sharing their stories
  • Donating directly to an inmate
  • Providing legal assistance for an inmate

Please visit www.HarshJustice.org today to learn more about this outstanding organization.