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Jamie Snow petition update: Partial Victory! The judge has granted discovery related to the DNA motion!

1Jamie Snow Petition: Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence


April 13, 2016 — Recall, in the DNA motion (and petition), we have asked for discovery in addition to the request for testing. This is because we have continued to discover documents through Freedom of Information Act requests that were not disclosed to Jamie prior to his trial. This will assist his attorneys greatly in further defining their requests for DNA testing. Here is what the judge ordered:

1) The judge is allowing the Exoneration Project to subpoena the Illinois State Police and Bloomington Police Department for all items that relate to the existence, collection, storage, forensic examination, chain of custody, and/or destruction of the following:

– Fingerprints (full and partial, suitable and unsuitable)
– The victims clothing
– Bullets collected from the scene
– Blood collected from the scene
– ALL documents relating to blood sample “2A” to include (storage, transfer, the discovery of, and all communications between the ISP and BPD in reference to sample 2A.

Documents will include: police reports, photographs, notes, diagrams, electronic or written correspondence, inventory reports, worksheets, laboratory reports, memoranda and evidence receipts.

2) Additionally, the judge ordered that all available photographs, including originals, of the crime scene be made available for copy by Jamie’s attorney.

You can read the full order at the link below. It is not very long, but it sure packs a punch!


PLEASE KEEP SIGNING AND SHARING! We ARE making a difference!! Thank you!!!