Judges for Justice launch campaign to overturn Tapp conviction


    A local group pushing for the release of convicted murderer Christopher Tapp held an open house Wednesday evening to debut a video they believe proves his confession was coerced. Tapp was convicted of killing Angie Dodge in June of 1996.

    “What we see in this clip is a continuation of what we see through out these recordings,” says Dr. Charles Honts, a polygraph expert. “The police officer is using psychological, coercive tools to try and get a confession.When he says, ‘you’ve got to save your life,’ it is completely inappropriate.”

    Retired Seattle Judge Mike Heavey has been reviewing this case for two years. Heavey works for free studying cases he considers wrongful convictions. He says the public must push for the Tapp conviction to be overturned and the county public defender, John Thomas, agrees Read More »