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Brian Peixoto Struggle for Innocence

Brian Peixoto

Supporters for Brian Peixoto have launched an Indiegogo campaign.

Donations used to defray costs for investigation to free a man wrongly imprisoned for 19 years.

We are the supporters of Brian Peixoto. On March 7, 1997 Brian was found guilty of the murder of a 3-year old boy and was sentenced to natural life in prison. There was no physical evidence linking Brian to the death. He was convicted based on faulty medical science offered by unqualified doctors. His conviction was also based on the last of the many documented versions of events offered by the child’s mother. Ami Sneed was a suspect in her child’s death. She was desperate to avert the spotlight, offering to change her story as needed in order to aid in the prosecution of an innocent man. Brian has consistently maintained his innocence. His version of events never changed, from the first time he was interviewed by police in 1996 until today. Read More »