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Steve Moore Blog Post on Amanda Knox Case: “MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE…”

“MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE…”2911110_orig

The story of “Little Red Riding Hood” originated as a European fairy tale written by the French author Charles Perrault, and was later modified by The Brothers Grimm, among others. In reality, the story is more than a little dark and disturbing, and was unabashedly created as a cautionary tale of the consequences awaiting those who would ignore obvious signs of danger. Riding Hood is named after the scarlet hooded cape she wore, and certainly ‘Red’ had many wonderful characteristics, which ironically were also the very faults that ultimately (at least in Perrault’s original version) led to her final undoing.

Red Riding Hood’s faults?

She loved and was loved unconditionally: Her mother and grandmother lavished her with love and gifts and apparently doted on her, even gifting the girl with her eponymous red cover. This doting might have had the unintended result in Red’s apparent inability to recognize that the world outside her home and village was not as safe as the place she left. Read More »