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Injustice Anywhere Radio Update

Radio365Injustice Anywhere Radio update: We will soon be moving from blogtalkradio to Live 365. The new format will give Injustice Anywhere many more opportunities to expand our message. We will have our own dedicated station running live and recorded content discussing various cases and topics of wrongful convictions. Our online radio station will be available on our website, Live365, iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, and more. Listening is made easy with iTunes and the free Radio 365 app available at Google play.

This move will provide better sound quality as well. We were able to purchase the needed equipment to make this move thanks to generous donations from our supporters.

We will post updates as they develop. We will be uploading all of our previous shows from blogtalkradio to our new station in the coming weeks. We will also be reaching out to other wrongful conviction organizations to offer them an opportunity to broadcast their message on our station. We look forward to beginning new shows in the near future. This project will be a marathon, not a sprint. We hope to see positive development throughout 2015.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned.