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Successful Case: Rodney Lincoln

Rodney Lincoln
Rodney Lincoln

Case update, June 13, 2018: A week of freedom: Rodney Lincoln, his murder sentence commuted, adjusts to life after 36 years behind bars

Case update, June 1, 2018Rodney Lincoln’s sentence commuted after three decades in prison

Rodney Lincoln is currently serving two life sentences for the murder of JoAnn Tate and the assault of Tate’s two young daughters in April of 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri. Evidence shows that Lincoln was wrongfully convicted based on a hair found at the crime scene that was wrongly attributed to him and a questionable line-up conducted by police. The victim who was shown the faulty line-up has now recanted her ID that ultimately put Lincoln in prison.

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Breaking News: 12/1/15: Victim recants ID that put man in prison for mother’s murder in St. Louis in 1982

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