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Rally for Injustice Anywhere!

Injustice Anywhere is an all-volunteer organization that was created to bring more knowledge and attention to wrongful convictions and to work to bring much-needed reform. We currently have six featured cases and we endorse six others.

Our efforts rely on contributions from our supporters. Contributions make it possible for Injustice Anywhere to cover the operational costs of our websites, which include: injusticeanywhere, freejeffreyhavard, freecharleserickson, amandaknoxcase, freebrendan, injusticeinperugia, and wrongfulconvictionnews. We also have a podcast archive on spreaker.

Contributions also make it possible for Injustice Anywhere to cover the costs of managing our LLC, obtaining legal documents, legal counsel, insurance, updated media contact data, and Google and Facebook advertising to help bring attention to our featured cases.

If you would like to contribute, please click on the Rally.org button below and follow the instructions.

You will see an option to “Select an Amount,” choose “Once” to make a one-time payment, choose “Every month” to make a monthly contribution.

Please only consider making a monetary contribution if you are able to do so. Much of our progress to date has absolutely nothing to do with money. Dedicated individuals that invest their valuable time to advocate for Injustice Anywhere are truly the backbone of our organization. The time and effort put forth by our members is invaluable. Injustice Anywhere greatly appreciates those efforts.