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Tammy Alexander Bio

Tammy Alexander

Injustice Anywhere Advisory Board Member

Websites: Justice for Illinois’ Wrongfully Convicted, Free Jamie Snow

Tammy Alexander is the co-founder of Justice for Illinois Wrongfully Convicted (JIWC) and the President of the Committee to Free Jamie Snow (CFJS). As part of her work on the Jamie Snow case, Ms. Alexander and colleagues have uncovered numerous critical pieces of evidence through public records that were not disclosed to the defense prior to trial. She has also co-organized numerous online campaigns and offline events in Illinois in support of the innocent imprisoned. Ms. Alexander has a bachelor’s degree in Network Security & Forensics and a Master’s degree in Education. Throughout her career, Ms. Alexander has conducted numerous workshops on cyber security, online competitive intelligence, and online scams. She also served as president of the FBI Infragard (Knoxville & Memphis, TN), and was the 2007 recipient of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.