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Legal Assistance for the Wrongfully Convicted

Injustice Anywhere often receives requests for information about obtaining a defense attorney. We are a small grassroots organization. Our members constantly strive to expand our efforts and we are pleased with the progress we have made, but we do have limited resources. At this time, we do not provide legal assistance for the wrongfully convicted, but we can recommend the following resources:

InnocenceNetwork.org: The Innocence Network is an affiliation of organizations from all over the world dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted, and working to redress the causes of wrongful convictions.  Learn More »

The Center on Wrongful Convictions (CWC) will consider cases of actual innocence, meaning that you must be in no way responsible for the crimes of which you are convicted. Your trial must also be completed, resulting in a conviction and sentence. Learn More »

Justice Denied is an organization founded by Hans Sherrer. Their Mission is to promote awareness of wrongful convictions and ways to prevent them. The group has done an outstanding job of compiling a list of attorneys in the United States who do pro bono work for the wrongfully convicted. You can view their list here »

Innocence Projects

Innocence Project

Northwestern University: Center on Wrongful Convictions

The Alaska Innocence Project

The Arizona Justice Project

Centurion Ministries

Duke Wrongful Convictions Clinic

Innocence Project of Florida

Idaho Innocence Project

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

The Midwest Innocence Project

Montana Innocence Project

New England Innocence Project

Innocence Project New Orleans

Northern California Innocence Project

The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center