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A Call to Protect the Inviolable Rights of Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox, & Raffaele Sollecito


FllMsjYtHvlECrn-580x326-noPadChange.org petition: Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito were framed for Meredith Kercher’s murder. Investigate Italian corruption.

Advocates for Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

After years of watching Italian judges try to fit Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito into a scenario in which they played no part, we feel that outside intervention is needed. We are respectfully asking the governments of Italy, Great Britain and the United States to launch investigations into the mishandling of the Meredith Kercher murder inquiry and the subsequent framing of two innocent people​.

Please read and sign this petition today!

Successful Case: Russ Faria

Russell Faria was wrongfully convicted in 2013 of murdering his wife Betsy in 2011. Faria was convicted despite the fact he had a rock solid alibi. Four witnesses testified that Faria was with them watching movies at the time of the murder. Gas station security cameras and a fast food receipt also confirm Faria’s whereabouts on the evening of the murder.

In 2014, Faria’s defense team filed a motion with the Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeals, requesting a new trial based on newly discovered evidence. Their request was granted, leading St. Louis Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer to throw out Faria’s conviction in June of 2015, and order a new trial. Faria’s appeal was successful, and we was freed in November of 2015.

Learn more about this case on the Free Russ Faria websites:



Visit the Free Russ Faria Facebook Page to keep up to date with current events.

Russ Faria News Coverage

Nov 6, 2015: Judge Acquits Russ Faria in Retrial for Wife’s Murder

June 17, 2015: Russ Faria walks out of jail, says he’s ready for new trial

June 5, 2015: Judge Erases Life Sentence For Russ Faria, Orders New Trial

May 15, 2015: Court ruling in Russ Faria case opens door for retrial

Oct 24, 2014: Op-Ed: Allegations of inappropriate affair in Russ Faria murder case

Fox 2 News St. Louis, Russ Faria News Feed 

Keith Morrison on ‘The House on Sumac Drive’

Injustice Anywhere Radio: The Wrongful Conviction Of Russ Faria

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Endorsed Case: David Thorne

David Thorne

Case Summary (wcodt.org):

26-year-old Yvonne Layne was found murdered in her Alliance, Ohio home on April 1st, 1999.  She was discovered by her mother, who had arrived to take 6-year-old Preston to afternoon kindergarten.  Tawnia Layne ran to a neighbor’s and asked her to call 911.

Numerous police officers, neighbors and family members soon crowded the crime scene.  The chief of police responded with a date.  No one wore shoe coverings or gloves to protect evidence at the scene and just stepped over the body when needing to cross the room.  To remove the children from the house they brought a blanket from the victim’s 3rd-floor bedroom and covered her body, handed the children over to her to other officers, then returned the blanket to her bed.  

The 2nd-floor crime scene, accessible only by a flight of stairs, was covered in blood.  The victim’s throat had been cut while she stood facing her sliding glass balcony doors.  She was then assisted, by her killer into the living room, where they dropped her face-down on the floor.  The murder weapon was wiped off on a pillow on the couch, and bloody transfer from the killer was transferred to the sheet covering the couch.  Someone stepped on the victim’s back, leaving a bloody footwear impression. There were several bloody footwear impressions throughout the room, which were recovered by cutting the wooden floor around the prints with a circular saw.  

The stairs were not processed.  No useable fingerprints were recovered.  No DNA was collected.

The time of death established by the coroner was “sometime after 7”.  He couldn’t remember if he’d done a sexual assault kit and didn’t know if the victim was cut right to left or left to right.  No body temperature was recorded.  A bruise on the thigh and a blow to the head are mentioned but not explained.

Many suspect names were given to police, including one of their fellow police officers who was harassing the victim, but they were not investigated.  The only person they were interested in was David Thorne.  David Thorne and Yvonne Layne dated briefly in late 1995 and early 1996.  During this time, Yvonne became pregnant.  David wasn’t aware of the pregnancy or the resulting child until he was notified by the Child Support Enforcement Agency in April 1998.  He appeared for paternity testing and met his son and reconnected with Yvonne.  David began visiting with Brandon and paying Yvonne support before the DNA results were finalized.  They worked out a mutually agreeable visitation schedule.  Nearly a year later, she was murdered.

Detectives went from the crime scene to David’s grandparent’s house that night to interview him, telling his family he was their #1 suspect.  David was not at home, but he went to the police station the following morning.  Before he arrived, his grandfather contacted an attorney who stopped the interview until David could seek representation.  They interviewed his friends and family.  Because David had an alibi and they were determined to make this crime his, they needed a co-conspirator.  They pressured three of his friends to falsely confess until they found one who was emotionally susceptible to intimidation.

In July of 1999, police arrested David Thorne for complicity to aggravated murder. They had arrested an 18-year-old acquaintance of David’s earlier that day and convinced him that David was ‘in the next room’ implicating him in a murder he knew he didn’t commit.  David was not there and hadn’t spoken to police since the initial aborted interview. 

According to the police summary, Joseph Wilkes sat “quiet and stunned”.  They challenged the emotionally-challenged man to ‘be a man’, ‘stand up for yourself’ and implicate David Thorne.  And he did.  He read a confession from a script prepared by officials and falsely implicate David and himself.  

Detectives showed Joe crime scene photos and threatened him with the death penalty.  They offered him a deal.  Testify against David Thorne and he’d save his own life.  Joe signed a plea deal and did not go to trial.  

David’s family mortgaged their home and paid $100,000.00 for “the best criminal defense attorney in the county”.  Jeffrey Haupt hired no experts and called only one witness.  He smelled of alcohol throughout the trial.  He would lose his driver’s license in February, the month after the sentencing, for DUI.  

Joe Wilkes gave two police statements and testified at trial.  A big problem for the prosecution was that Joe could not remember what he was told to say and got even the most basic details of the actual crime wrong. He didn’t even know which room the crime occurred in.  But the jury was convinced that he wouldn’t confess to a crime he didn’t commit and willingly serve prison time if he didn’t commit the murder.  They believed he must have been on drugs. 

Joe testified that he bought a pocket knife referred to as the ‘murder weapon’ at Kmart the night of the murder and saw his friend Rick Webb at the store while doing so.  Defense witness Rick Webb testified that he did see Joe buying a pocket knife.  At Walmart, six weeks after the murder.  He had a receipt to verify the date.  The judge laughingly told the attorneys at the sidebar within David’s hearing that Joe ‘must have bought THAT knife to murder someone else’.

Joe testified that David paid him $300 to commit murder.  David gave Joe $300 four months before the murder to buy an old car that David then fixed up for him so Joe would have transportation.  Joe had a habit of rollerblading to David’s house and asking for rides to work.   This car would solve both problems.  Joe then paid the $300 back to David.

The prosecution called two witnesses, a man who knew Joe from high school and his girlfriend, to bolster Joe’s testimony.  They said they saw Joe the night of the murder at 8:00 pm.  Despite not recognizing the man and not knowing the woman, both testified that Joe showed them the pocket knife and said he was in town to “do a job”.  The woman said a guy hired him.  The man said he was doing it for his girlfriend.  They said Joe didn’t mention what the job was, they just ‘knew’.  The man is a career criminal who was arrested two days after David and Joe and held in jail until he testified for the prosecution at David’s trial.

Joe Wilkes was called the State’s star witness.  He answered “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember”, or “I don’t recall” 138 times while testifying.  Joe stated on the stand, …..the detectives “told me what to say and how I did it and was showing me pictures.  They came to me.  They were the ones that stated to me.”

David was convicted on January 25, 2000.  He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

In July, 2001, Joseph Wilkes signed an affidavit recanting his confession and testified at David’s 2003 post-conviction hearing that nothing he said at David’s trial was true.  He stated that the detectives told him that “all that was needed to convict me of this crime was a statement made against me….and that I would be put to death…..that if I would testify against David Thorne, that I would be spared the death penalty…..I was willing to make this deal to save my own life.”  He told his minister that they said they were going to ‘light him up like the 4th of July in the electric chair and he was too young to die’.

David’s trial attorney, Jeffrey Haupt, died in January 2009 from ‘Acute Alcohol Intoxication’ and ‘Hypothermia’, with a blood alcohol level of .27.  He had walked home from a bar and was too disorientated to locate his door.  He was found dead in his backyard.

All of David Thorne’s newly discovered evidence, including Joe’s recantation, was rejected by the trial judge who also presided over the post-conviction hearing.  All appeals, local, state and federal have been rejected.  David Thorne has been wrongly convicted and behind bars for 20 years.

He is innocent.

Closed Case Resulting in Release: Charles Erickson

Charles Erickson was released from prison on January 9, 2023

On January 9, 2023, Charles Erickson’s lawyer, Landon Magnusson stated, “Today is the day to #FreeCharlesErickson! He’s been paroled after nearly two decades behind bars for crimes he did not commit. We are so glad he gets to return home to his family and pray that his innocence will one day be recognized by the state of Missouri.”

Please visit the Injustice Anywhere Free Charles Erickson website to view extensive analysis, and court transcripts, and to keep up to date with recent updates on this compelling case.

Charles Erickson and Ryan Ferguson were wrongfully convicted in 2005 for the 2001 murder of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt in Missouri. There were no witnesses, no physical evidence, no DNA, and no motive, in fact, nothing tying either of them to the crime. 

Thankfully, Ryan Ferguson is now rightfully a free man. Unfortunately, Charles Erickson remains wrongfully convicted and is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in Missouri for the murder of Kent Heitholt. Anyone that supports Ryan Ferguson should support the release of Charles Erickson.

Charles Erickson had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Kent Heitholt. It is understandable that many of Ryan’s supporters may feel that Charles bears some responsibility for Ryan’s wrongful conviction. People really need to take the time to learn about false confessions before passing judgment. The police are responsible for extracting a false confession out of a young man that was in no position to give a proper statement. Charles must not be held accountable for the egregious misconduct of the police investigating the Heitholt murder. Charles must not continue to be punished for a murder he did not commit. The Heitholt family deserves justice. The continued incarceration of Charles Erickson brings no justice and no real closure for the family of the victim.

Case Updates

January 9, 2023: Charles Erickson released from prison after serving nearly 20 years for Kent Heitholt murder

December 17, 2018: Charles Erickson seeks release from prison in Heitholt homicide

Media Coverage Update: Supporters For The Wrongfully Convicted Gather At Columbia Missouri’s Earth Day 2016 Festival

MAY 15, 2017: Court Junkie PodcastCharles Erickson and The Murder of Kent Heitholt

March 10, 2016, Charles Erickson to appeal conviction in 2001 killing


Injustice Anywhere launched FreeCharlesErickson.org in 2014. The website was created to help bring a better understanding to Charles Erickson’s case. It is now blatantly obvious that Charles Erickson had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Kent Heitholt. This case continues to highlight the terribly flawed Missouri justice system. It is time for the nonsense to end.

Social Media

Supporters of Charles Erickson have created a Facebook cause page to help bring more attention to his case. Please visit the Charles Erickson Facebook page to learn more about this case and to keep up with current events.


Successful Case: Debra Jean Milke

Debra Jean Milke

“The trial itself was a miscarriage of justice, but the appeals process to which I am entitled proved even more alarming”

“I’m not a guilty person looking for a legal loophole. I’m an innocent person looking for justice.”  

Arizona Supreme Court declines review of appeal that freed Debra Milke

Arizona Supreme Court refuses to let Maricopa County retry Debra Milke for the 1989 murder of her son, and refuses to compel testimony from a controversial detective. Read More »

Arizona woman released after decades on death row

An Arizona woman who spent more than two decades on death row was released on bond Friday afternoon after a judge ruled there’s no direct evidence linking her to the death of her young son. Debra Milke walked out of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s jail after supporters posted $250,000 bond. Read More »

Get the Facts

Debra Milke Case Overview

Debra Milke News Articles

Debra Milke You Tube Channel

Debra Milke Downloadable Documents

Case Introduction

Written by Douglas Matthews

On Saturday, December 2, 1989, Christopher Milke, Debra Milke’s 4 year old son, was shot to death in the desert, in an area just North of Phoenix, Arizona. It was a horrible, senseless crime. Despite little to no evidence she had anything to do with Christopher’s death, Debra Milke was convicted of his murder, sentenced to death, and is currently awaiting execution in an Arizona prison. After suffering the ultimate horror of any parent, the murder of her only child, Debra has faced the further trauma of being convicted, jailed for the past 22 years, and sentenced to death for a crime she didn’t commit.

The only evidence against Debra Milke for the murder of her son is a confession that she allegedly gave to Armando Saldate, a detective with the Phoenix police department. After her son’s body was found, Saldate had Debra called in to the Pima County Jail, and interviewed her in a small room with just the two of them present. Debra denies that she ever confessed to Saldate, and no record of the interview exists. Saldate did not record his interrogation of Debra, and claimed later that the notes he took had been destroyed. There was no statement ever signed by Debra, as is normal procedure when the police interview someone in a murder case. Yet Debra Milke was convicted almost exclusively because of the testimony that Armando Saldate gave about what he has claimed took place in that interview room.

In the time leading up to her son’s murder, Debra was sharing an apartment with a friend, a Viet Nam veteran named James Styers. She had been having a series of problems with her ex-husband, Mark Milke, who was also Christopher’s father. Mark was a drug addict and had been in prison, and Debra had gotten a restraining order against Mark so she could have control over when and where he saw Christopher. While working and trying to save up enough money to get a new place to live for her and her son, she moved in with Styers on a temporary basis. It was an arrangement of convenience for both of them – she could have a safe place for Christopher to stay while she was working, and Styers got help with the rent. She was planning to move out after Christmas to her own place with Christopher, but tragedy interjected and that move never took place.

On the day of the murder, James Styers asked Debra if he could use her car to go to the Metro Center Mall to do some shopping. Christopher begged his mother to let him go along, because he wanted to see Santa Claus again. Debra asked James if that was OK, and he agreed to take Christopher to the Mall with him while Debra stayed home to do some chores. Later that afternoon, Styers reported Christopher as a lost child to the mall security, and called Debra, telling her Christopher was missing. To support his story, Styers told the police who had come to investigate that he had a friend, Roger Scott, who had seen him at the mall with Christopher.

Throughout the night police questioned both men, Styers and Scott. Styers was released in the morning hours of that Sunday, whereas suspicions against Scott increased due to his inconsistent statements. When homicide detective Armando Saldate took over that interview at around 1 p.m. he threatened to ransack the apartment of Scott’s elderly mother. Eventually, according to police, Scott admitted that he knew that Christopher was dead and he agreed to show them where the dead body was. Detective Saldate reported that, en route to the murder scene, Scott made the claim that the boy had been killed because Debra Milke wanted it done. The report from another detective, who was driving the car, does not mention any such claim by Scott. James Styers has denied Debra was involved in Christopher’s death, and Roger Scott never accused her in his court testimony. Yet Scott’s alleged statement in that patrol car is what led police to suspect, and ultimately charge, Debra Milke with ordering the murder of her son.

Debra Milke was subsequently arrested, jailed, and charged with Christopher’s murder, with the only real evidence against her being the brief charge by the person who is most likely the actual killer, Roger Scott, and Detective Saldate’s testimony that she “confessed” to being involved. She was subsequently caught up in a whirlwind of crazy media stories, negative public opinion, and what appear to be out and out lies by both the police and prosecutors. Detective Saldate had a court-documented history of tainting confessions, committing perjury under oath, and lying to his supervisors. The prosecutor in Debra’s case has wrongfully convicted two other defendants who were later exonerated by DNA evidence.

With little money, and even less support from most of her family, Debra was stuck with substandard legal representation, and never had a chance at the trial. There were many key details about the case that were never told to her jury that might have affected the verdict. As a result, Debra Milke faces execution in the near future if something is not done.

Additional Resources

Injustice Anywhere: The Death Penalty

Successful Case: Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito

March 27, 2015: Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been fully exonerated. There will be no more trials. It’s over. 

Please visit our Injustice in Perugia website and our Amanda Knox Case wiki to view extensive analysis, court transcripts, crime scene photographs, videos, and recent updates on this compelling case.

Meredith Kercher was murdered by Rudy Guede in Perugia Italy, November 1st, 2007. Meredith was a beautiful young woman who had her life stolen from her in an act of pure evil. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had absolutely nothing to do with her murder. They are both innocent.

  • On December 4, 2009, Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito were wrongfully convicted for the murder of Meredith Kercher.
  • On October 3, 2011, Amanda and Raffaele were declared innocent on appeal and were released from prison.
  • On March 26, 2013, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the acquittals and ordered the case back to the appellate level.
  • On January 30, 2014, the appeals court in Florence reinstated the guilty verdicts for Amanda and Raffaele. The court released a motivation document on April 29, 2014, explaining the decision.
  • Amanda and Raffaele appealed the guilty verdicts to the Italian Supreme Court.
  • On March 27, 2015: Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were fully exonerated by the Italian Supreme Court. The case against them is now permanently closed.

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Successful Case: Kirstin Lobato

December 29, 2017: Kirstin Lobato is free. It is finally over. Charges dismissed with prejudice!

17 Years After Being Convicted Of A Grisly Murder In Vegas, Kirstin Lobato Sees Her Charges Dismissed, by Jordan Smith

Kirstin “Blaise” Lobato was convicted in October, 2006, of voluntary manslaughter and sexual penetration of a corpse. There is absolutely no evidence implicating her to the crime and she has a rock solid alibi. The authorities failed to properly investigate this crime leading to a wrongful conviction. The facts of this case clearly show that Kirstin Lobato is innocent.

The Justice4Kirstin Campaign has done an excellent job of presenting the facts of this case on Kirstin’s official website www.justice4kirstin.com. The website contains important court documents, including trial transcripts, and petitions filed by the defense.

December 21, 2017: Kirstin Lobato’s Conviction has been overturned!

Las Vegas Penis Murder Conviction Overturned, by Jordan Smith

Feb 9, 2016: Kirstin Lobato Case Featured On FOX5 News Las Vegas

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU
FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Get the Facts

Prosecuting Kirstin Lobato

[youtube id=”bh_X5vKF_LM” width=”300″ height=”150″]

Friends of the Justice4Kirstin Campaign  have created a petition you can sign to show your support for Kirstin. Please sign the petition today.

Important Resources

Recommended Book

“Kirstin Blaise Lobato’s Unreasonable Conviction — Second Edition” is now available in PDF format at no charge on the Justice Denied website at: http://justicedenied.org/books/lobato_conviction_2nd.pdf

Retired DC Attorney Philip J Mause Asks Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson About the Case on a Local Radio Program

New Infographic Created By Justice4Kirstin

Please use this link to view and share this infographic picture about Kirstin’s case: http://injusticeanywhere.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/sharethis.jpg

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